Ride, Design, Build:
Carve Your Concrete Path

We have a cool concrete skatepark internship that includes working with New Line Skateparks on one of their projects. To be eligible, you need to be enrolled in one of the 5 Concrete Industry Management Programs (CIM) across the U.S. Apply to these programs today to be eligible for our concrete skatepark internship.

Already enrolled in a CIM program? Sign up below to become a concrete intern today and find out more about our Concrete Skatepark Internship. Turn your passion for skateboarding into a hands-on journey of construction and creativity. Learn to shape not just tricks, but also the spaces where they come to life. Unleash your potential with us!


What Will be Included:

Learn about Concrete Careers! The following information outlines what opportunities will be available in the concrete skatepark internship experience.


Skatepark Construction!

A skatepark has a variety of concrete products. Learn about shotcrete, cast-in-place and why concrete finishing & joints are important.

  • Shotcrete Day
  • Cast-In-Place Day


Quarry Tours

What is a typical concrete mix design and how does construction aggregate and the local geology play a role? Learn about the sand and gravel that is up to 80% of a concrete mix.

  • Quarry Tour
  • Learn more about the concrete recipe!


Cement Plant Tours

The quality of concrete for all projects is important. There are testing procedures that provide the checks and balances,

  • Cement Plant Tour


Concrete Plant Tours

Concrete is the #1 most man-made substance in the WORLD and the most versatile building material in the WORLD. This is illustrated perfectly through the various shapes found at a concrete skatepark. But how is concrete made? The first part of the concrete experience will include learning the basics of how concrete is made through industry tours:

  • Concrete Plant Tour

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REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible, you must be enrolled at one of the 5 Concrete Industry Management (CIM) programs across the U.S. Not a CIM Student? Find out how to enroll and learn about the benefits of a CIM program by clicking here

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