Cle Elum Concrete Skatepark Internship

Dates: May - June, 2023 & August - September, 2023. Exact dates tbd.

The Cle Elum Skatepark in coordination with Skate4Concrete, Grindline Skateparks, and the Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association (WACA) is offering a concrete experience that is available to anyone in the local Cle Elum and the Kittitas County community. The concrete experience will provide awareness about entry-level concrete careers that do not require a 4-year degree and learn how to apply for an advanced concrete degree if that is the goal. The concrete experience is available during the Summer of 2023 in connection with the Cle Elum Skatepark project and we are looking for interested skatepark advocates within the Cle Elum and Kittitas County Region! More details are below along with the instructions for how to apply!

What Will be Included:

Earn a Concrete Certification & Learn about Concrete Careers! The following information outlines what opportunities will be available in the concrete experience.


How is Concrete Made?

Concrete is the #1 most man-made substance in the WORLD and the most versatile building material in the WORLD. This is illustrated perfectly through the various shapes found at a concrete skatepark. But how is concrete made? The first part of the concrete experience will include learning the basics of how concrete is made through industry tours:

  • Concrete Plant Tour


Concrete Mix Designs

What is a typical concrete mix design and how does construction aggregate and the local geology play a role? Learn about the sand and gravel that is up to 80% of a concrete mix.

  • Quarry Tour; learn more about the concrete recipe!


Concrete Testing

The quality of concrete for all projects is important. There are testing procedures that provide the checks and balances,

  • Concrete Lab Tour
  • City or ACI Concrete Inspection experience


Skatepark Specifics

A skatepark has a variety of concrete products. Learn about shotcrete, cast-in-place and why concrete finishing & joints are important.

  • Shotcrete Day
  • Cast-In-Place Day
  • Review of Cle Elum Skatepark Plans.


MiniConcrete Skatepark

Now is the time to build your own skatepark! The final project includes building a miniconcrete skatepark as a team or individual with the guidance of your skatepark designers and concrete industry.

  • Watch a How-To Video
  • Possible Miniconcrete Skatepark Contest


Concrete Careers & Educational Opportunities

This will be combined with the skatepark opening and throughout the concrete experience. There are endless career opportunities within the concrete industry. An entry level position is available near you where you can advance with or without a 4-year degree. The mission of this concrete experience is to create awareness of the wonderful world of concrete and how it offers endless career opportunities. Each tour or experience will also talk about the careers available in that aspect of supplying or construction with concrete.

Apply Today!

Disclaimer: To earn the Concrete Certification 90% of the tours and organized events need to be attended; however, we realize everyone is busy and may not have the opportunity to attend all of the events. You are welcome to apply as a Shadow Intern even if you can’t attend all of the events, but we can only award a Certificate to those who participate in 90% of the planned activities.

The Cle Elum concrete experience is made possible by Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association, Grindline Skateparks, City of Cle Elum Parks Committee, Cle Elum Skatepark Committee, Cle Elum Rotary, and Skate4Concrete.

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